Stray Angel Productions: Fading Away

Stray Angel Films is well known for our rentals, but we are also a growing production company. Recently we were the production company on a documentary about the Korean War, Fading Away.


Fading Away is a feature length documentary that focuses on the untold stories of war veterans, refugees, and others who were impacted by the Korean War. The film is divided in to seven parts, strung together and led by the powerful recollection of the journey of a 13 year-old Korean War orphan who fled the North to the South as he recalls his memories and emotions of the war.

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NAB 2013 Recap: What You Need To Know

We went to NAB this year and had a blast checking out all the new cameras, lighting, and accessory technology. There were so many new cool tools and announcements that it can be overwhelming, so we decided to put together a list of the highlights. Here’s what we think you need to know from NAB 2013.


Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic has one of the most buzzed about announcements for the second year in a row at NAB. Last year, the big news was their 2.7k Cinema Camera for a budget friendly $2995. This year their most exciting announcement is their new Super-35 4k Production Camera with global shutter. The use of a global shutter is exciting as it delivers a smooth image when panning and when there’s a lot of motion within the frame. The Blackmagic 4k Production Camera will retail at $3995. Like the BMCC, the Production Camera offers 12 stops of dynamic range, records to SSDs, and will include a copy of Davinci Resolve.

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Freefly MoVI is a Stabilization Gamechanger

The internet has exploded with excitement today over a new camera stabilizer, the MoVI by Freefly. After seeing the video of Vincent Laforet using it, I have to say I am also pretty excited.

Freefly hasn’t released too much information about it yet,  an e-mail to them received an automated response saying that they would be giving out details at NAB next week. It is expected to cost about $15,000 with a rumored $7500 version in the works.

The Freefly Movi uses a 3 axis gyroscope to stabilize your camera. I don’t have exact details but it is supposed to be lightweight and portable.

We’ll update next week when we have more information next week at NAB.

“School Fuel” Program in the LAUSD

Last week, we were hired to produce a video for The Los Angeles Fund for Public Education. There is a real problem in the Los Angeles Unified School District with about half of the students being overweight. Obesity is considered to be the most important indicator of increased future health risks, so they have decided this problem is something that should be tackled immediately.

Their solution to the obesity epidemic in our schools is a program called “School Fuel”. The School Fuel program will take breakfast in to the classroom rather than just in the cafeteria. This is really important because it helps not only to combat obesity, but also boosts academic performance.

We were happy to lend a hand with this project. They are up for a $100k grant, and it would really mean a lot if you could take a moment to vote for them. You can read more and vote for here.

Schneider Enters The Affordable Cinema Prime Lens Market


An increasing number of productions are using affordably priced cinema lenses and currently Zeiss has the market cornered with their CP.2 set. Schneider has its eye on a piece of that with their newly announced Xenon FF Primes.

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LED Lighting: The Arri L7-C


Most people feel that LED lighting is the future of the film industry for a couple of reasons. Arri seems to think so too and has released a new generation of lights, the L- series, which contains LED Fresnel lighting fixtures.

Arri is really proud of this line. After using one, I think they should be! They have done their best to make sure that these LED lights are as close as possible to traditional Fresnel fixtures in both function and performance.

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St. Martins Animal Foundation PSA Shoot

At Stray Angel Films we do our best to help out charities whenever we can and this weekend we assisted the St. Martins Animal Foundation with shooting a PSA.

St. Martins is an awesome dog rehabilitation program located in Northridge, CA. They take in all kinds of misfit animals who have nowhere else to go, rehabilitate and adopt them out if possible, or let them live out their lives at their sanctuary. They are proudly a no-kill shelter.

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